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Greenhouse Global - Glasshouse Project

                      Project Spotlight: Glass House Shopify Transformation

Project Overview

The primary purpose of this project was to empower the stakeholders at Glass House with tools that would allow them to craft an engaging, interactive, and dynamic landing page for their customers. The goal was to transcend traditional website designs and offer users a delightful online experience synonymous with the Glass House brand.


  • Achieving a seamless integration of animations and GIFs without affecting site performance.
  • Crafting a flexible yet intuitive interface for the marketing team to update and iterate without the constant need for developer intervention.
  • Ensuring the website remains responsive and user-friendly across all devices despite the heavy use of custom animations.

Our Solutions:

    1. Highly Customizable Sections:

  • We developed modular sections in the backend of Shopify, granting the Marketing and CMS teams the agility to swiftly tweak, iterate, or even overhaul parts of the landing page.
  • These modules are user-friendly, ensuring that even team members with minimal technical know-how can harness their full potential.

    2. Interactive Elements and Animations:

  • Leveraged a blend of custom CSS and JavaScript to breathe life into the page with interactive elements. This ensured users were not just passively scrolling but actively engaging with the content.
  • Implemented optimization techniques to ensure that these animations did not compromise the load times or overall site performance.

    3. Feedback Loops & Iterative Design:

  • Held regular check-ins with the Glass House team to gather feedback, ensuring our designs aligned with their vision and objectives.
  • The iterative approach allowed us to rapidly implement changes, test them, and perfect the final output.


The result was a lively, interactive landing page that stood out in the e-commerce realm. Stakeholders at Glass House now possess the tools and flexibility to keep the page fresh, relevant, and engaging without wrestling with technical constraints. This not only sets the brand apart but also ensures a unique and memorable user experience for every site visitor.

Technologies & Tools Used:

  • Shopify: As the foundational platform for e-commerce capabilities.
  • Custom CSS: To style and position elements precisely as envisioned.
  • JavaScript: Powering the interactive animations, GIFs, and ensuring the smooth operation of custom elements.

At FireNet Designs, our mission isn't just to build websites; it's to craft experiences. The Glass House project was a testament to the magic that can be created when innovative design meets technical prowess. It's projects like these that fuel our passion, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the digital realm.

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