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HHR Platform

Platform was a Custom project funded through the CFMS.

FireNet Designs worked alongside the CFMS on a retainer basis. In the Spring of 2019 we were asked if we wished to help build a fully Custom Fullscale Application from the ground up. The project had a budget of $15,000 and was looking to gather multiple data sources from goverments and create a intuitive application for the Health Human Rresources task force (HHRTF).

React was chosen as the Frontend Framework used for powering this application. It was built as a SPA which received data from a backend built using Laravel PHP.

The Database was MariaDB.

The Data was gathered from the multiple goverment sources and mapped to a standardized format that then was added to the Database, which would then allow being consumed via an API.

For more information on how the platform looks and how to use it, please see here:

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