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June Home Supply

Project Spotlight: June Home Supply Shopify Redesign

Project Overview:


June Home Supply originally sought to transition and redesign their website, moving from WordPress to Shopify. However, the migration and initial redesign turned out to be a disaster, not adequately capturing the brand's essence nor providing a satisfactory user experience. Recognizing these challenges, they turned to FireNet Designs. Our mission was to not only rectify the flawed design but to craft an online space that would genuinely resonate with the brand's elegance in selling quality home supplies. The goal became clear: redesign the site on Shopify in a manner that effectively conveyed June Home Supply's brand identity and ensured an optimal shopping experience for customers.


  1. Data Overhaul: Transitioning and managing large volumes of data, including migrating a blog originally hosted on WordPress.
  2. Product Management: The daunting task of updating and refining thousands of product SKUs, adding the required metadata to enable sophisticated filtering capabilities.
  3. Customer Experience: Tailoring the website to be more conversion rate optimization (CRO) friendly, ensuring that customers seeking quality home supplies enjoy a smooth and enriching shopping journey.

Our Solutions:

  • Data Management Mastery:
    FireNet Designs assumed the responsibility of data intricacies. This involved the setup of the backend and the seamless migration of blog content from WordPress, ensuring that every piece of information was intact and easily accessible.
  • Enhanced Product Presentation:
    All product SKUs underwent a comprehensive update, integrating relevant metadata for sophisticated filtering. This streamlined approach enabled customers, especially those in search of specific home supplies, to navigate easily and find their desired products efficiently.
  • Customer-Centric Design:
    We transformed the store's design to be more CRO-friendly, ensuring that each product — be it a kitchen gadget, decorative item, or essential home tool — was presented in a manner that resonated with June Home Supply's audience, encouraging sales and repeat visits.

The metamorphosis of June Home Supply's Shopify store was both aesthetic and functional. With a sharp focus on home supplies and an enhanced user journey, the revamped platform not only aligns perfectly with the brand's vision but also provides customers with an unparalleled shopping experience.

Technologies & Tools Used:

  • Shopify: The foundational e-commerce platform for the store.
  • Custom Data Management Tools: Ensuring seamless data transition and optimal management.
  • Advanced Filtering Plugins: Catering to intricate product searches based on metadata.
"Justin at FireNet has been wonderful to work with from start to finish. He's thorough, efficient, responsive, and produces an outstanding work product. I can't emphasize enough the quality of work by Justin and would highly recommend him."
- Matt, Owner of June Home Supply

The transformation of June Home Supply stands as a testament to FireNet Designs' dedication to excellence in design and functionality. By understanding the essence of a brand that celebrates the beauty and utility of home supplies, we were able to craft a digital experience that is both delightful and efficient.

Filter options of June Home Supply website

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