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No Days Off

FireNet Designs recently collaborated with Highlighter Studio on an exciting project for No Fixed Address

No Days Off, a product line by the Legacy Company. The project's primary objective was to give No Days Off's website a complete redesign, transforming it into a visually appealing, user-friendly, and high-performing e-commerce platform.

Highlighter Studio and FireNet Designs joined forces to create an online shopping experience that would elevate No Days Off's brand, attract more customers, and ultimately boost sales. Highlighter Studio led the design and strategy phase, using Figma to create mockups and design assets that would serve as the foundation for the website redesign. FireNet Designs, on the other hand, took charge of the development side, working closely with Highlighter to extend and customize the chosen theme to fit the client's requirements and vision.

The collaboration resulted in a website that effectively showcased No Days Off's unique products and brand identity. The redesign included several key features and enhancements, such as:

No Days Off is the product line for the Legacy Company.

FireNet Designs and Highlighter were tasked with helping No Days off do a full website Redesign.

Figma Design and Strategy was delivered by Highlighter. FireNet Designs was tasked with Developing and extending the theme chosen as a starting point for the Website Redesign.

Work included the following:

1.) New Section - Three-Column Row: A flexible section was created, allowing for a three-column layout that could display an image or icon, a heading, body text, and a call-to-action button within each column. This feature was particularly useful for handling objections and highlighting key benefits or features of No Days Off's products.

2.) Collection List Section: A dynamic collection list section was added to the homepage, showcasing the latest men's and women's products. The design featured an image overlay that appeared on hover, adding an interactive element and enhancing the overall user experience.

3.) Custom Icon Support: The theme was updated to allow for custom icons to be easily uploaded and integrated into the website. This feature enabled No Days Off to further personalize their online presence and maintain consistency in their branding.

4.) Product Grid Items (Collection Pages, Featured Collections): The product grid items were enhanced with the addition of a color selector functionality. This feature allowed users to quickly view available color options for each product, streamlining the shopping experience and making it easier for customers to find the perfect product.

5.) Shop the Look Section: A new "Shop the Look" section was added to the website, enabling customers to purchase entire outfits or curated sets of products. This feature not only showcased No Days Off's products in a more engaging way but also simplified the shopping process for customers looking for a complete style solution.

Throughout the project, FireNet Designs and Highlighter Studio maintained close communication and collaboration, ensuring that the final website design met both the client's expectations and the needs of their target audience. The website redesign successfully captured the essence of No Days Off's brand, providing an online platform that accurately represented their product line and appealed to their core customer base.

In conclusion, the partnership between FireNet Designs and Highlighter Studio proved to be highly fruitful, resulting in a website redesign that not only met but exceeded No Days Off's expectations. The redesigned website now serves as a powerful online presence for the brand, offering a seamless shopping experience for customers and a strong platform for No Days Off to continue growing their business. This project showcases the effectiveness of combining top-notch design and development skills with a deep understanding of a client's needs and target audience to create a high-quality, impactful, and user-friendly e-commerce platform.

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