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Sugar Blossom

Sugar Blossom, a Winnipeg based jewelry maker wanted to launch new product series that allowed customers to build and customize their own necklaces with given set of Add On pieces. This project was built as React integration on top Bold Product options App which is an app for shopify, enabling them in creating more customized products while also improving the user experience through customization options available within it's interface.

The React framework was used to manage the state of option choices, providing a more customized and improved UX feel for customers. Once they selected their options, data would then under-the hood be passed to Bold Product options so that it could handle theheavy lifting of getting around Shopify's 100 variant limitation. The Bold Product Option App also provides an interface for Sugarblossom staff in the admin in order to add new Charms onto existing products.

Sugarblossom loved the customization they have been able to launch a whole product line now with this customization and it is one of their best selling products!

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