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Yorkville Village

Yorkville Village is a mall located heart of Bloor-Yorkville, Toronto’s luxury shopping district. Work for this project was done with Elementary Ventures

Yorkville village homepage

In order to make the website more user-friendly, we had a lot of work porting all previous required functionality from their old theme into our child theme. This involved taking a conversion rate first approach. A new theme was used as a starting point and then customized to adapt their current website content into the new theme.

The challange was the previous theme was fully custom built, with a built in mall map integration embedded in the previous theme's code. Multiple templates were created, for porting the existing styling and widgets. Once the widgets were added to the theme, we began styling to update their styling to fit within the new theme as well as track analytical data for decreasing the bounce rate and improving user interaction.

Yorkville Village Map Integration

Lastly the new theme was built using the Elementor plugin, which allows for faster web Design as well as opened the opportunity for training the client to more easily make content updates, as their previous theme had the content hardcoded to the theme, which was not utilizing the full potential of the Wordpress CMS

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