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How FireNet Designs Solved Sugarblossom’s Wholesale Business Within 2 Months

The Client

Sugarblossom is a distinguished jewelry brand based in Winnipeg, known for its unique and stylish offerings. They have a thriving retail and wholesale presence but faced challenges with their online wholesale operations.

The Problem

Sugarblossom’s existing wholesale website was not user-friendly and required frequent developer interventions for updates, leading to increased operational costs. The brand desired a separate, efficient, and distinct online wholesale platform to offer a different customer experience, pricing structure, and currency options, along with syncing inventory between their retail and wholesale outlets.

The Execution

Shopify Store Development:

  • Designed a bespoke Shopify store focusing on user experience and brand consistency.
  • Implemented features for easy in-house updates and management.

Pricing and Currency Setup:

  • Configured USD as the default currency.
  • Integrated the minimum spend requirement for wholesale orders.

Payment Flexibility:

  • Set up payment structures to offer extended credit terms, enhancing the purchase experience for wholesale clients.

Inventory Synchonization:

  • Implemented solutions for real-time inventory updates between the retail and wholesale platforms.

Data Migration:

  • Efficiently migrated product data from the old system to the new Shopify store, ensuring accuracy and continuity.

The results

Enhanced User Experience: The new Shopify store offered a tailored and streamlined shopping experience for wholesale clients, distinct from the retail site.
Operational Efficiency: The need for developer dependency was significantly reduced, cutting down on maintenance costs.
Inventory Management: The synchronized inventory system reduced errors and improved stock management across both platforms.
Positive Customer Feedback: The introduction of flexible payment terms and USD pricing was well-received, strengthening client relationships.

Firenet Designs’ solution for Sugarblossom effectively resolved the challenges of their wholesale online presence. The new Shopify store not only improved the user experience but also enhanced operational efficiency and inventory management, providing a strong foundation for Sugarblossom’s growing wholesale business.

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