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Reviving Revenue: How a 48-Hour Checkout Overhaul with FireNet Designs Saved Thousands in Lost Sales

The Client

Recognized as a premier full-service provider, our anonymous partner is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of a specialized community. From distinguished accolades to uniforms, they've consistently offered top-notch products and services. Yet, as with many growing e-commerce brands, they encountered an issue with their checkout system that required a swift resolution.

Our partner has chosen to remain anonymous to maintain a strategic edge in their market. They value the element of surprise when it comes to showcasing who they collaborate with in the business world. We respect and understand this choice and are excited to share their journey with you, confidentiality intact.

The Problem

The renowned e-commerce platform, with its multifaceted setup, encountered hiccups in their highly-customized Shopify checkout system, meticulously crafted using JavaScript, CSS, and Shopify Scripts. Although Shopify had recently announced a new Checkout 2.0 System that would no longer support these customizations, the brand's checkout began to falter prematurely despite Shopify's claims of support until August 2024. The first signs of trouble? An influx of customer complaints regarding order failures. Alarmingly, 2-5% of their checkouts were disrupted by a 500 status code error. Their current checkout system was sadly on the verge of becoming obsolete.

The Execution

Understanding the urgency of the situation, FireNet Designs quickly took charge, setting an ambitious 48-hour target. After in-depth discussions with the e-commerce platform's CTO and Project Manager, the primary task was to filter out the non-essentials and pinpoint three critical Shopify functions that were vital for the platform:

  1. Shipping Rate Adjustments: This custom function dynamically adjusted shipping rates, offering a 'free' option to customers when specific purchase conditions were met.
  2. Selective Payment Methods Display: Ensuring that only certain payment methods were visible to customers if they entered particular order notes.
  3. Shipping Method Renaming: Refining the naming conventions for a more user-friendly customer experience. For example, transforming names like "USPS Priority Mail 2-Day" to "USPS Priority Mail Estimated 2-4 Days" and "Priority Mail" to "USPS Priority Mail Estimated 2-4 Days."

Armed with a clear plan, FireNet Designs developed a custom app, enabling a smooth transition to the new Checkout 2.0, integrating these essential functions, and solidifying the system's performance.

The results

The platform's transition was not solely about troubleshooting; it encompassed improvement. Through our strategic actions, we didn't just eliminate the 500 status code error but went a step further to enhance the checkout experience overall. After our intervention, the platform experienced a seamless checkout process, leading to happy customers and steady sales.

Following the launch, the e-commerce brand reported zero checkout issues, signaling a triumphant transition. This timely intervention and solution potentially saved the company between $200 to $1000 per hour, fortifying their brand's reputation and maintaining customer trust.

A testimonial from the platform's CTO captures the sentiment:"Once more, a heartfelt thank you! As our peak season rolls in, hearing customers say 'I can't checkout' is every e-commerce brand's worst nightmare. You've been an absolute lifesaver."

This journey, from grappling with a problematic checkout system to transitioning to a refined Checkout 2.0, stands as a testament to FireNet Designs' expertise and dedication. In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, facing challenges is a given. But with the right collaboration, they become springboards for growth and unparalleled excellence.

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